The prime objective of this Program is to encourage and accelerate the education on IPv6 and promote thereby swifter adoption of IPv6 in the education curriculum and programs of the universities, research institutes, vendors and training specialists.

To realise this we need to have engineers professionally trained with IPv6 eyes and not with IPv4 eyes. A recent survey on IPv6 training and studies at universities has demonstrated that IPv6 training and courses are way too embryonic to have any critical impact. Patching IPv6 with IPv4 thinking would be just extending the IPv6 address space to the Internet and not fully exploiting the rich set of new features still invisible to the normal engineer. Deploying IPv6 without upfront integration of IPv6 security and privacy is re-doing the same mistake done in the deployment of IPv4. This is even defeating the prime purpose of fixing things like security in the Internet. It is estimated that some 20 million engineers are working on the current Internet worldwide at ISPs, corporate and all other public and private organisations and they will need training on IPv6. This is a gigantic task since it’s the first upgrade of the Internet and most probably the last one for decades to come.

The IPv6 Education Logo Program is a program intended to increase practical engineering expertise and hands-on knowledge to tackle this large undertaking ahead of us extending thereby user confidence by demonstrating that IPv6 will be deployed by qualified engineers.

 The IPv6 Education Logo Program consists, currently, of following programs:

1 - Program
  Phase I: This phase will target mainly a course duration of 5-10 days.
          - Basic Curriculum Profile (Silver)
          - Advanced Curriculum Profile (Gold)
  Phase II:  This Phase will be a detailed course program for universities (BA, MsC, PhD).
          - Future Curriculum Program (Diamond)

2 - Target Audiences (TA):
  TA 1 - Universities - Institutes - Research Centres
  TA 2 - Vendors
  TA 3 - Training Specialists
  TA 4 - Train the Trainer Program
  TA 5 - Students & Engineers Certification - Examination Profiles of TA 1-2-3-4

3 - Course Profile Definition (see section 6):
  TA 1: Universities:
  Definition of curriculum profiles:
       -  Base
       -  Advanced
  TA 2: Vendors
       -  Base
       -  Advanced
  TA 3: Training Specialists
       - similar to TA 2
  TA 4: Train The Trainer
       -  Advanced