•IPv6 Forum: The IPv6 Forum a world-wide consortium, with a key focus to provide technical guidance for the deployment of IPv6, launched a single world-wide IPv6 Ready Logo Program (conformance and interoperability testing). 

 •IPv6 Ready Logo Program: The IPv6 Forum IPv6 Ready Logo Program provides conformance and interoperability test specifications based on open standards to support IPv6 deployment across the globe.

 •IPv6 Ready Logo Committee (v6LC): To manage the IPv6 Ready Logo Program.

 •IPv6 Ready Logo Regional Officer:  To authorize third parties passing successfully the IPv6 tests to use the IPv6 Ready Logo

 •IPv6 Enabled Logo Program: IPv6 Enabled Logo program objective is to accelerate deployment of IPv6. The goal of this program is to increase user confidence by demonstrating that IPv6 is available now and is ready to be used. The IPv6 Enabled Logo program consists of two logo sub-programs: the IPv6 Enabled WWW Logo Program and the IPv6 Enabled ISP Logo Program.

 •IPv6 WWW Logo Program: Sub-program of the IPv6 Enabled Logo program and is applicable to web sites

 •IPv6 ISP Logo Program: Sub-program of IPv6 Enabled  Logo program and is applicable to Internet Service Providers

 •IPv6 Education  Certification Logo Program: The IPv6 Forum IPv6 Education  Certification Logo Program objective is to encourage and accelerate adoption of IPv6 in the curriculum of the universities, vendor training programs  and training specialists.

 •IPv6 Education  Steering Committee (v6ESG): To manage the IPv6 Education  Logo Program.

 •IPv6 Education  websites: web sites that are accessible via IPv6

 •WWW: World Wide Web

 •ISP: Internet Service Provider

 •DNS: Domain Name System

 •DN SR: DNS resolving successful rate

 •HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

 •HTTP SR: HTTP accessing successful rate



The 6DEPLOY project is a Specific

Support  Action in the Seventh

Framework Programme of the

European Union which supports

the deployment of IPv6. Its website

includes a e-learning section on

IPv6 which enables to be informed

on IPv6 in 5 minutes. If you are

interested in this, you can visit

the 6DEPLOYwebsite and

the dedicated section.