Broadband Asia 2006

In the next 3 years, 80% percent of the world?s broadband subscribers will be in Asia. The Asia Pacific region markets are at both extremes of adoption. Nonetheless Asia has the largest number of third generation mobile users worldwide. As Wireless and Internet technologies converge, revenue opportunities will continue to emerge. For Asian service providers, triple play promises increased revenue, customer retention and a way to remain competitive in a fierce market. Strategic planning of deployment will allow the broadband providers to increase their offerings thus revenue. In addition to having a clear road map for successful implementation, Asian providers must also account for both new services and legacy system management.

Broadband Asia 2006 will bring together executive broadband operators and key industry experts and experienced practitioners who will highlight their key practices and successes in streamlining business operations and maximizing business values.
The Broadband Asia 2006 event offers a unique opportunity to attend keynote presentations and a choice of three streams on each day of the event covering the key areas of the Asia Pacific region.

More information: Broadband Asia 2006 and broadband_asia_2006.pdf

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