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<IMG WIDTH=195 height=72 SRC="/im/logos/korea-logo.gif"> <a href="http://ipv6.or.kr/summit2006/" target=top>Global IPv6 Summit in Korea
Seoul, 14-15 June 2006.
The internet already has grown and changed into an essential factor of our life. These changes also make us to change our way of thinking about communication into ubiquitous way. Now IPv6 is being considered as the core protocol in implementing the ubiquitous network. Korea is planning to build up its communication infrastructure to all-IP network through IT839 project (8 services, 3 infrastructures, 9 growth engines) and the IPv6 acts as the core role in that.

Welcome to the IPv6 Forum

IPv6 Forum president Latif Ladid offers a welcome and introduction to the IPv6 Forum.

Jim Bound

see interview.
Jim also led an IPv6 Forum's CTO Executive Committee.

In Memoriam Jim Bound

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